850 Public Solicitations


    850         -     Public Solicitations

    The Board grants general authorization to parent organizations and other groups to raise funds for school-related purposes. Upon request of the Board, an accounting shall be made available of all funds raised and expenses incurred in fund-raising activities for school purposes.

    No individuals or groups shall raise funds in the name of the School District or by using the name of any individual school in the District if the Board objects to such fund-raising. Fund- raising shall be conducted as specified under the rules and regulations of the Board and shall not violate any federal, state or local laws.

    Contributions to a particular school shall be reviewed and approved by the principal and District Administrator.

    General solicitation of funds from pupils attending the District schools will not be permitted except as specifically authorized by the District Administrator.

    Legal Ref.:    

    Section 118.12, Wisconsin Statutes

    Cross Ref.:   

    Board Policy 374 – Student Fund-Raising Activities

    Board Policy 375 – Contests for Students

    Board Policy 662.1 - Student Activity Funds Management

    Board Policy 840 – Gifts to the School District

    Board Policy 851 – Distribution of Materials in the Schools

    Board Policy 881.1 – Relations with School Support Organizations/Booster Clubs

    Board Policy 881.1-Exhibit – Application For Official Sanction Of School Support Organization/Booster Club

    Board Policy 881.2 – Relations with Parent-Teacher Organizations

    Board Policy 881.2 Exhibit – Application For Official Sanction Of Parent-Teacher Organization

    Approved:      October 16, 1997

    Reviewed:      March 10, 2004

    Revised:         November 18, 2010