881 Relations with Community Organizations


    881         -     Relations with Community Organizations

    The Board of Education recognizes the value of community organizations such as booster clubs, parent-teacher organizations (PTO’s), home/school organizations, educational foundations and similar organizations as important partners with the school district to promote and enhance school programs and activities. The Board welcomes these efforts by parents and the community.

    In using the name of the District or its’ schools and in organizing a group whose identity derives from a school(s) of this District, the organization thereby shares responsibility with this Board for the welfare of participating students. Because of this partnership, there needs to be an understanding of certain federal/state laws, state organizations and associations, (e.g. WIAA) rules and regulations, district policies, and school policies and procedures to protect parent/community members, school staff, students and the school district. The District Administrator or designee shall develop and/or distribute guidelines to these community organizations to ensure an effective partnership that meets public expectations.

    The Board reserves the right to withdraw from relationships with organizations which violate the ethical and moral standards expected of public schools.

    Approved:   October 16, 1997


    Cross Ref.:   Board Policy 522.6 - Staff Participations in Community Activities

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    Revised:   December 17, 2009