881.4 Relations with Educational Foundations

  • BOARD POLICY 881.4



    881.4      -     Relations with Educational Foundations


                         The Board of Education strongly encourages relationships with educational foundations as a means to expand financial support for the efforts of the district. The acceptance of all gifts from educational foundations must be approved by the Board. The District Business Office shall receive notification prior to submittal of all gifts requested from educational foundations.


                         Specific Foundation Information:


    -          The Fort Atkinson Community Foundation, Inc. requires that one member of the Foundation Board of Trustees be selected by the Board of Education of the School District of Fort Atkinson. Board members may nominate candidates for membership on the Board of the Fort Atkinson Community Foundation, Inc. and selection shall be determined by a majority vote of the full School Board.


                         Legal Ref.:     Section 118.27, Wisconsin Statutes


                         Cross Ref.:    Board Policy 840 – Gifts to the School District

                                              Board Policy 881 – Relations with Community Organizations


                         Approved:      October 16, 1997


                         Revised:         December 17, 2009