Crossroads Alternative High School


    Based at 611 Grove St, Fort Atkinson


     Mr. Matt Noll, 9-12 Instructor


    Crossroads Alternative Education Program is a program for high school students in the School District of Fort Atkinson who are credit deficient and not able to achieve academic success in the general high school environment. Crossroads services both general and special education students. Students engage in experiential learning and go on community outings correlated to topics they are studying. There is a morning and afternoon session of the program. Student can earn their Fort Atkinson High School diploma by going through a series of academic competencies and demonstrating mastery of each of these competencies. In order to be approved for the Crossroads program, a pupil services committee reviews all potential student candidates and provides a recommendation.


    For more information on the Crossroads Alternative Education Program, please contact Mr. Matt Noll, Crossroads Instructor, at (920) 563-7848 or Leigh Ann Scheuerell , FA High School Principal, at (920) 563-7811 ext 1103.