130 School Board Legal Status



    133         -     Filling Board Vacancies

    Vacancies on the Board shall be filled as soon as possible by appointment by the remaining members in accordance with Section 17.26, Wisconsin Statutes. 

    (Suggested format: The Board may suspend this format through a special motion to set aside; then, an alternate format may be used.)

    Appointments to unexpired terms will be made by the Board as follows:


    A.     An announcement of the vacancy will be published in the local newspaper designated by the Board as the official newspaper for the current year.

    B.      A deadline for filing a declaration of candidacy shall be established.

    C.      Persons who have filed a declaration of candidacy shall be given an opportunity to make any statement they wish to make on behalf of their candidacy at a meeting of the Board noticed for that purpose.

    D.     Members of the Board may ask questions of the candidates if they have any.

    E.      Any qualified elector of this District shall be given an opportunity to make a statement on behalf of a candidate.

    F.      The Board president will then announce that Board members may, if they wish, discuss the candidates.

    G.      A motion will be taken for the appointment. If a motion fails, either for want of a second or for lack of a majority, another motion shall be entered and the process repeated until a candidate has received the vote of a majority of the remaining members. Votes will be cast by roll call vote.

    H.     The person so appointed shall then execute the Oath of Office and be seated on the Board.

    All new Board member appointments will be made at an open Board meeting. Such action must be included on the published agenda for the meeting.

    Legal Ref.:     Sections 17.03, 17.26, 19.01, 19.88, 120.06(4), Wisconsin Statutes

    Approved:      May 15, 1997


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