151 Policy Development


    151         -     Policy Development

    The Board shall provide policy statements for the operation of the School District in accordance with Wisconsin Statutes and the needs of the District.

    Copies of the policy statements shall be provided to all Board Members. A copy of the policy statements shall be posted on our website @ www.fortschools.org and a hard copy will be maintained in the Office of the District Administrator.

    A.     Formulation of Policy

    Proposed changes or new policies shall be presented in writing for consideration to the Board Policy Committee. Upon review, the Board Policy Committee may forward proposed changes to the Board of Education. Such proposals shall be presented at two consecutive regular meetings of the Board before adoption may be considered.

    B.      Adoption of Policy

    Policies of the Board shall be adopted or amended by a majority vote of the Board at a regular meeting.

    Approved:      May 15, 1997

    Revised:         May 21, 2009

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