Websites for Parents - Tips and Links

  • Why Music?? 

    -  “A ten-year study, tracking more than 25,000 students, shows that music-making improves test scores. Regardless of socioeconomic background, music-making students get higher marks in standardized tests than those who had no music involvement.” Read more about the impact music makes in kids!

    -  In 2006, 2013 and 2014, the Fort Atkinson Music Department was named one of the “Best Communities for Music Education!” by the NAMM Foundation. This is a very prestigious honor!  

    -  Top 10 Reasons for your child to participate in Band or Orchestra.


    Helping with At Home Practice :

    -  So how do we approach this whole “practice” thing? Here are some helpful tips for you and your child to read regarding practice.

    -  Some parents feel unable to help their child practice their instrument because they have no musical experience themselves. Don’t feel intimidated! When your son or daughter first begins playing, the main thing they need from you is your support. Show interest in their music by taking a few minutes to sit by them when they practice. Make sure they set-up a practice schedule at home. Take a look at their beginning book - it is actually very easy to follow and you will probably be able to help them! When a beginning musician first successfully plays a note or two, it is an incredible experience. Be there to celebrate their success with them.

    Additional Websites for Parents and Students :

    -  Three “P’s” to help learn an instrument faster.

    -  DSO Kids - a fun site for kids!

    -  SFS Kids - more fun for students!