• FREE Breakfast & Lunch for All Children!!


    Summer is upon us, which means kids are home and hungry! 

    We want to help!!

    Every week, we will be distributing boxes, containing a weeks worth of meals for your children. 

    Pick up will be Thursday evenings and Friday mornings, to accomodate most schedules. 




    Sign up at fortschool.org/feedingfort


    Questions? Call 920-563-7811 ext 1159 or email oswaldc@fortschools.org







    You may start to see some changes happening in the lunchroom, as we enter the winter season. More warm breakfast offerings, like sandwiches and oatmeal will appear on the menu, as we encourage your student to start their day with more protein and whole grains, and less sugar. 


    We will begin to make more "comfort" foods as the weather gets colder. Soups, stews, and hearty entrees will replace some of the "heat and eat" selections. Our staff will be busy learning new recipes to satisfy the tastes of the students at SDFA. We will continue to add in new items, like fresh made salads and sandwiches to our Middle and High School menus. 


    Why the changes? Why not! Students get tired of seeing the same items week after week, and truth be told, we get tired of making the same things. It adds a bit of excitement to see and taste new things. 

    Why can't we have our favorites, like pizza, every day? Well, there are rules! The menu is planned in accordance with the School Breakfast Program (SBP) and National School Lunch Program (NSLP) guidelines, developed by the USDA. Menus have to meet the needs of students, based on grade level, and must fall within target specific calorie ranges and nutrients to promote healthy growth and overall wellbeing for all students. There are daily and weekly requirements, and it is our job to be sure we are following those guidelines. That is why you will see items like low-fat proteins, whole-grain rich breads, cereals and pasta, lots and lots of fruits and vegetables and low-fat dairy. 




     This institution is an equal opportunity provider (View Full Statement) (Espanole Ver declaración completa).


    2019 - 2020 Meal Prices

    K-5: $2.80
    6-12: $3.00
    Reduce: $.40
    Free: $0.00

    K-5: $1.60
    6-12: $1.65
    Reduce: $.30
    Free: $0.00




    Free and/or Reduce Lunch Applications

    Want your students to enjoy school lunch and breakfast items, but having trouble affording it? Consider applying for Free and/or Reduce meal programs.  

    Application can be found: Application PDF

    This program is provided through the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), and allows families to enjoy lunch meals, at a reduced or no cost to the families. If you feel you qualify for this or would benefit from this, please fill-out an application and submit to:
       Vallene Krigbaum
       201 Park St.
       Fort Atkinson, WI 53538

    All questions or concerns regarding Free and/or Reduce applications, status changes, or benefit information should be directed to Vallene. 920-563-7811 x 8800


    Discrimination Complaint Procedure

    If any individual believes that he/she has been or is being discriminated against in violation of the discrimination policy, he/she may bring forward a complaint in accordance with the informal and/or formal procedures outlined in this PDF.


     This institution is an equal opportunity provider (View Full Statement) (Espanole Ver declaración completa).