What Do We Teach?

  • Comprehensive Literacy Model (CLM)

    The School District of Fort Atkinson adopted the Comprehensive Literacy Model in grades K-8 to implement high-quality, research-based instructional frameworks to facilitate authentic reading and writing instruction and assessment.  The primary goal of the model is to comprehensively and seamlessly integrate reading and writing instruction by using mentor texts and explicit mini-lessons to guide teaching and learning.  Whole-group instruction is facilitated through a mini-lesson framework utilizing modeling, guided practice and independent practice to provide students with many opportunities for success. Small-group instruction is facilitated through the implementation of literature discussion groups providing students with the opportunity to engage in a wide-range of collaborative discussions.  Each classroom has an extensive classroom library with rich, diverse literature across multiple genres giving students access to quality texts while allowing choice for independent reading. All middle school teachers are supported in their literacy instruction through collaborating with a literacy coach who provides professional development.


    Literacy Curriculum - Units of Study (UOS)

    In order to purposefully and strategically facilitate the integration of reading and writing, the School District of Fort Atkinson implements literacy curriculum through a research-based framework utilizing a unit of study approach aligned to the rigor and grade-level expectations as defined by the Wisconsin State Standards for English Language Arts in Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, and Language. The English Language Arts standards encompass academic, social-emotional (SEL), and technology learning (ITL). 

    This means that each grade level will be structuring reading and writing each quarter around a common, real-world theme to provide a common context for learning grounded in the exploration of unit essential questions driven by inquiry to acquire deeper meaning and understanding of content and literacy skills. Within units of study throughout the year, students will read  both fiction and nonfiction grade-level texts, and produce formal, creative, and reflective pieces of writing.