• Menu Subject to Change!!

    I am sure you have noticed this phrase on every menu. This year it really takes on new meaning- It seems the "supply chain" issue we have heard about in the news is a real problem. Therefore, we will only be publishing about 2 weeks worth of menus at any one time. As soon as the market corrects itself, we will resume publishing monthly menus. I am sorry for any inconvenience, but I want to be sure to advertise to you and your students a true menu, not one with multiple changes weekly.  

    BIG Changes to Your School Menu


    The Nutrition Services Department is excited to announce we have made 

    HUGE changes to the school menus. 

    CLICK the icon below to go to the Fort Schools My School Menus Website:


    Menu Link


    This NEW menu software allows you to:

    Read Ingredient Information

    View Nutrition Information

    View Allergens

    Translate Menu into Other Languages!!!




    In addition to the MySchoolMenu site, There is an APP, that allows you to VIEW from your MOBILE DEVICE




    Android Apple