182 Quorum


    182         -     Quorum

    The Board can legally transact business and take legally binding action only when a quorum (majority of the total membership) of the Board is present.

    A quorum of the Board’s total membership shall be physically present at the start of and throughout any Board meeting. A Board member participating remotely is not to be counted towards a quorum.

    In the absence of a quorum, the Board members present may take measures to obtain a quorum, fix the time to which to adjourn, and to adjourn or to take a recess. 

    Legal Ref.:     Section 120.11(1), Wisconsin Statutes

    Cross Ref:      AR 170 – Board Meeting Procedures

                            AR 173 – Closed Session of a Board Meeting Procedures

    Approved:      August 21, 1997

    Revised:        February 25, 2010

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