At the fifth grade level the student is experiencing music, singing in harmony, exploring music history, is introduced to music from other countries, and is reading and interpreting music.

    Students will:

    • Explore harmony through singing a round in 3 parts, partner songs, songs with descants and songs with soprano and alto parts
    • Discover the importance of music throughout the history of our country (spirituals, railroad songs, sea chanteys, cowboy songs, ballad, country, rock and roll, jazz and musical theater)
    • Compare and contrast different songs and pieces
    • Accompany singing by using melody and/or rhythm instruments
    • Explore music through movement
    • Identify soprano, alto, tenor and bass voices
    • Recognize and identify instruments of the orchestra
    • Explore major and minor sounds
    • Read and interpret music (meter, tempo, dynamics, notes, etc.)
    • Explore musical sounds from around the world
    • Identify notes on staff · Experience different types of music