Health Insurance*

                Dean Health Plan

                $2,000/$4,000 In-Network Deductible w/ $1,900/$3,800 HRA

                            ($100/$200 Effective In-Network Deductible)

                $5/$10/$25 Prescription Drug copays

                No Other In-Network Copays

                Employee Share of Premium = 12.6% ($83.12/$228.58) (17-18 rates)

                Health Insurance Benefits are effective first day of month following employment.

                ** Must work .75 FTE to be eligible**

                Cash in lieu option available


    Dental Insurance*

                Delta Dental

                Premium  Entirely Paid by District

                $1,000 Annual Benefit

                ** Must work .75 FTE to be eligible**

                 Cash in lieu option available

    Life Insurance

                Coverage of 2x Annual Salary

                90% of Premium Paid by District 


    Long-Term Disability

                Premium Entirely Paid by District

                Benefit  of 90% of Monthly Salary after 60 Days

    Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS)

                Employer Pays 6.7% of Annual Salary Amount Into WRS**

                Employee Pays 6.7% of Annual Salary Amount Into WRS**

               ** Percentage of contribution  confirmed as of 12/31/17. Rate may be subject to change  
               following 12/31/18**


    Voluntary Vision

    Eye Med-
    Up to $200.00 per year for frames/lenses or contact lenses when using approved provider

    ($8.04/month single, $20.03/month family) (17-18 rates)

    Flex Plan

                Available for Employee Participation


    Short-Term Disability

                Available at Employee’s Expense


    403(b) & 457(b) Program

                Available for Employee Participation


    Sick Leave – One Day per Month (10 per year) (prorated if full contract not worked)

    187 Day Work Year

    Bi-Weekly Pay Periods