The School District of Fort Atkinson is made up of four Elementary Schools, one Middle School and one High School. To enroll in our district, please find your school below and contact the school office to get started.
    NOTE:  Once you find your school, you will need to provide (at least, but not limited to) the following information to the school office to get your student set up in our Student Information System.  You can also print off this New Student Enrollment Form for each of your students and bring/email it to your resident school.
    • Student Full Legal Name
    • Student Date of Birth
    • Student Grade Level (going into in Fall)
    • Student Gender
    • Student Address
    • Parent(s) Name(s)
    • Parent(s) Phone Number(s)
    • Parent(s) Email(s)
    • School District Transferring From (if applicable)
    If your student is in Kindergarten through Grade 5, please search your street address on our Elementary Resident School Document to see which elementary school your student will most likely attend according to where you live, geographically, in Fort Atkinson. This will be the school you will contact to get started with the enrollment and registration processes.

    Barrie Elementary - 1000 Harriette St, Fort Atkinson

    • P | 920.563.7817
    • E | deporterr@fortschools.org

    Luther Elementary - 205 Park St, Fort Atkinson

    • P | 920.563.7828
    • E | dunklebergerm@fortschools.org

    Purdy Elementary - 719 S. Main St, Fort Atkinson

    • P | 920.563.7822
    • E | mcdonaldj@fortschools.org

    Rockwell Elementary - 821 Monroe St, Fort Atkinson

    • P | 920.563.7818
    • E | guthradloffh@fortschools.org
    If your student is in Grades 6-8, they will attend the Fort Atkinson Middle School located at 310 S. 4th St. E., Fort Atkinson.
    • P | 920.563.7833
    • E | polkp@fortschools.org
    If your student is in Grade 9-12, they will attend the Fort Atkinson High School located at 925 Lexington Blvd, Fort Atkinson.
    • P | 920.563.7811
    • E | gilsonl@fortschools.org
    Click here for the Department of Public Instruction's (DPI) information on Open Enrollment.
    Need help with the Open Enrollment process in Fort Atkinson?  Visit our Open Enrollment page OR contact our Administrative Offices at 920.563.7800.