• We participate in Writer's Workshop everyday for 60 minutes. Our goal is to become proficient writers. We work through the writing process which includes research/prewrite, drafting, revising, editing, publishing, and sharing/reflecting. We focus on writing narrative, informative, and argumentative pieces in addition to free writing.

    During our 60 minute writing block, students participate in:

    > 10-15 minute grammar lesson

    > 15-20 minute whole group lesson

    > 20 minute independent writing time  

    > 5 minute sharing time

    During students' independent writing time, I meet with small groups and hold one-on-one writing conferences.

    We also take some time on Friday's to write a letter home about our week at school. We brainstorm a list of things we either did and learned over the course of the week. These letters give parents an opportunity to view the week from their child's perspective. The notebook showcases each child's growth as a writer. 


    The second grade quarterly themes and genres include:

    Quarter 1: Uniqueness

    Narrative: personal narrative

    Informative: poetry

    Argumentative: book review

    Quarter 2: Cooperation

    Narrative: realistic fiction

    Informative: procedural

    Argumentative: letter

    Quarter 3: Survival

    Narrative: narrative nonfiction

    Informative: research report

    Argumentative: flyer

    Quarter 4: Adventure

    Narrative: fantasy fiction

    Informative: brochure

    Argumentative: friendly letter