• Language Workshop

    Language Workshop is a time to read closely, listen to text, and talk about our thinking to build background knowledge. Students are introduced to Common Core standards through studying mentor texts within the theme and genre being taught. Students engage in discussions to enhance their understanding of the standards through the mentor texts. Students analyze the mentor texts both as a whole group and individually. Students express their understanding of key concepts in their Thoughtful Log. Language Workshop is one of our favorite parts of the day!


    Guided Reading

    Students participate in a variety of activities during our Guided Reading block. Students are instructed at their instructional level in a small group setting twice a week for 20 minutes. When students are not meeting with the teacher, they participate in other activities. Students read to self, practice high frequency words and select new books to read. 


    Benchmark Phonics

    Benchmark Phonics is taught daily for 20 minutes. Students are exposed to spelling patterns, multisyllabic words, high frequency words, and a variety of passages which reinforce spelling patterns.

  • Third Grade Units of Study include:

    Quarter 1: Courage

    Quarter 2: Acceptance

    Quarter 3: Sustainability

    Quarter 4: Creativity