• Fort Family Connections Program

    What is the Fort Family Connections program?

    The Fort Family Connections Program is partnering with the United Way of Jefferson and North Walworth Counties.  This program is designed to keep monies raised in OUR community to benefit and support OUR families and OUR students of the School District of Fort Atkinson. The District’s Equity Committee is committed to providing support to families and students in need in grades K-12.   

    What could the monies raised through Fort Family Connections be used for to support OUR families and OUR students?

    • Participation fees associated with local youth sports programs such as FAYSA and FASTT and programs offered through Fort Atkinson Parks and Recreation
    • In-district transportation services
    • Clothing needs
    • School supplies (not covered by other agencies)
    • Band/Orchestra expenses
    • Hidden costs associated with involvement in school activities (i.e. warm-up clothes or equipment for sports)

    This list is not inclusive of all possibilities.  Fort Family Connections is open to other ideas that would support ALL OUR students in grades K-12 to make a difference.

    How do students in need receive the support?

    When parents express a need or you suspect the cost of programs, supplies, and/or equipment is prohibitive of students participating, fill out a FFC Request Form to be submitted to Lisa Hollenberger, Director of Pupil Services. Please fill out and email to hollenbergerl@fortschools.org and nicholsc@fortschools.org. Or, please fill in this Google Form. If you need a hard copy of the application, please visit your school's front office. The Fort Family Connections committee will review proposals and allocate funds based on need and monies available.

    How can you help?

    Please consider pledging a $1 donation per paycheck through the easy payroll deduction option!

    If EVERY staff member donated $1 per paycheck, we would have $9,600 yearly to support OUR students!  

    This tax-deductible donation can be directed to FFC by checking the box “Give to a Specific Agency” on the United Way Pledge Form.  PLEASE PROVIDE THE CODE 904 to designate your donation to the Fort Family Connections Program.