This will be updated on an ongoing basis as we continue to learn more and receive additional guidance from the Jefferson County Health Department and other accredited organizations.  We recognize that this document may not answer all of your questions.  Please know, we are developing building level details that will be shared with families in the near future.

    Please find the Reopening Plan Handbook HERE    


    Building Level In-Person Plans


    Middle School

    High School

  • Mission of the COVID-19 School Reopening Plan

  • SDFA Guiding Principles for Decision-Making Post COVID-19 Closure:

  • Jefferson County Public Schools Guiding Principles

  • What We Know About COVID-19 (to-date)

  • District Safety Guidelines

  • Factors and Considerations in Decision-Making For SDFA Fall Reopening

  • Overall Factors and Considerations

  • 7/8/2020 Conclusion Summary

  • 8/3/2020 Conclusion Summary