• In-Person Format

    Students in the School District of Fort Atkinson will return to face-to-face and virtual instruction on Thursday, September 3, 2020. Parents will be allowed to choose which format they prefer that best suits their family's needs. A final decision of 1st quarter learning format will need to be submitted to the school by August 26th.

    As in the past, in-person instruction will take place each day Monday through Friday according to a regular bell schedule. Students will receive face-to-face instruction, and technology will be regularly used in the classroom. Students in K-12 will be offered a Chromebook that the student will be allowed to take home each evening to work on assigned work.

    Our team has been busy working with the Jefferson County Health Department, Fort HealthCare, and other accredited agencies to build out COVID-19 safety plans that are customized to each of our SDFA buildings.  


Safety Guidelines
  • Factors and Considerations

  • Safer as Opposed to 100% Safe

  • Cleaning Protocols

  • Wellness Checks

  • Student Supplies

  • Classroom Desks and Spacing

  • Bubblers & Water Bottles

  • Plexiglass Barriers

  • Recess & Playgrounds

  • Student Hallway Traffic Flow

  • Visitors & Family Meetings

  • Entering and Exiting the Building

  • Response to Students and Staff with COVID-19 Symptoms

  • Positive COVID-19 Case

  • In-Person Format FAQ

  • What constitutes a face covering?

  • Will face coverings be provided?

  • Will my child have to wear a face covering all day?

  • Will my child be provided with a device?

  • What additional cleaning protocols have been added?

  • Will bussing still be available? If so, how will that work?

  • What will the Student Nutrition Program look like?

  • Will the student supply list look different?

  • Will there still be recess?

  • Will the classroom look different?

  • What should I do if my child starts to exhibit flu-like symptoms?

  • What if my learning format preference has changed since registration?

  • District Handbook

    Please see the overall district guideline handbook below: 


    Individual School Handbook

    The guidelines that have been highlighted on this page and within our District Reopening Guide provide a basis for each individual school to create a customized plan for the students and staff within that building. These are fluid plans and will be adjusted as needed.

  • Jefferson County Health Department Guidelines 

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the rising trend of cases in Wisconsin, JCHD is providing guidance to schools regarding when a school or district should shift to exclusively virtual learning, when students or staff should remain home, and for what durations of time so that the health of students is considered while their educational needs are being met by staff. It is equally important that the staff in our school districts feel as secure as possible during this critical time.  

    Please see all of their recommendations HERE.


  • When We Recommend Students and Staff to Shift to Virtual Instruction

  • When We Recommend a Specific Student to Shift to Virtual Instruction

  • When We Recommend a School Building to Shift to Virtual Instruction

  • When We Ask a School District to Shift to Virtual Learning