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  • Virtual Learning Format

    All classes, from kindergarten through grade 12, in the School District of Fort Atkinson for the 2020-21 school year will provide opportunities for students to access instruction in-person as well as “mirrored” through remote / virtual access. Fall 2020 marks a return to delivery of required grade level learning for all grades and courses. Learners in both formats will continue to access the full spectrum of learning experiences typically offered in Fort Atkinson schools including full group and small group instruction, peer-to-peer collaboration, and independent work.

    Teachers will utilize technology to provide high-quality audio as well as video access to learning experiences happening throughout the school day. Instruction will be provided through a live video feed (synchronous learning) or by pre-recorded video (asynchronous learning) posted in Google Classroom. When direct teaching is occurring, remote learners will connect to the classroom via Zoom and learn alongside their classroom peers. When in-person students are working independently, remote learners will also complete assigned work independently at home off of Zoom. Remote learners will be accessing learning throughout the school day during regular school hours. Teachers will communicate with families supporting remote learners via Google Classroom allowing them to provide families information on when students need to log in to Zoom or other digital applications as well as assignment expectations. The District is sensitive to screen time for remote learners. Our goal is to provide a balanced learning experience in consideration of the age and maturity of the students.

    Engaging all learners in active learning will be of highest priority. Teachers will be learning new digital tools to provide opportunities for students to connect. Teleconferencing using Zoom and collaboration opportunities using various digital programs will be utilized for peer-to-peer, small group or teacher interaction.

    Classroom assignments and updates will be posted in Google Classroom to be utilized by both in-person students as well as those accessing learning virtually. Teachers will be able to send home paper materials to remote students weekly as well as supplies or materials as needed. Families with remote learners will have responsibilities to physically return work to school weekly if the materials cannot be returned digitally.

    Increased technology integration will benefit all of our 1Fort learners. Throughout the school year, the SDFA team will be learning new teaching strategies and models that use technology strategically to enhance learning for all students. These contemporary practices are made possible through our expanded technology access this school year. This professional learning is the beginning of a long-term commitment to expanding our team’s expertise in the area of technology-enhanced learning.


    Learning Preference Changes

    If a family’s learning format preference changes, families must notify the district by Friday, August 21 using the Change of Learning Format Request Form on the District website.  This form will be available next week.  

    The district is encouraging families to commit to a learning format selection for one quarter (9 weeks).   If a family feels a change in learning format needs to occur within the quarter due to an unexpected circumstance or academic need, requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

    If a student falls ill they will be transitioned to the virtual format during their time away and may return once the quarantine time period has been completed.

Learning Formats
  • Virtual Learning Format FAQ

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  • What if my learning format preference has changed since registration?