Changes to Expect in the Lunch Room

  • We realize things are a bit different in this world these days. When we shop, things are prepackaged; Cashiers are behind barriers; no one smiles at each other anymore (look at the eyes, they ARE still smiling, its just behind that fabric). We too, have made some changes. Maybe, for our department, it doesn't seem as drastic, because all along, Food Service personnel always did what we needed to do to keep germs away from our food. We ALWAYS wash our hands, wear gloves, sanitize surfaces, keep food safe using sneeze guards. So, for us, it was just some minor adjustments to business as usual. 

    But, some things ARE least for now. 


    • Less meal choices at all grade levels (see menu)

    • Prepacked fruits and veggies in place of the "Rainbow Bar"

    • Packets of condiments instead of bottles/pumps

    • NO handling of food by students until they are handed their full tray

    • NO handling of milk- yes, even cold lunchers have to have the milk handed to them by a gloved hand

    • Cleaning and Sanitizing of all food contact surfaces (including tabletops) between all classes

    • All staff will be in Masks. Some may choose to add a face shield. All will be behind Plexiglass barriers

    • Students will use barcoded ID cards to purchase meals, not PIN number keypads 

    • Students may have assigned seats/be distanced from other students/be separated by barriers/sat in alternative locations during lunches- all to allow for safe physical distance between each other.

    All these changes were made to keep your kids safe, because that is our #1 priority.