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COVID-19 Updates

SDFA Student Dashboard
SDFA Staff Dashboard

    In order to maintain student and staff privacy, SDFA will only report quarantine and COVID-19 positive numbers when cases are more than 5. 

    • Numbers less than 5 will be represented as an *.  When cases are greater than 5, more detailed information will be shared.
    • If the amount of total positive cases throughout the district is less than 5, then only district-wide positive numbers will be reported.

    If your student has been tested for COVID, DO NOT send them to school until the test results come back regardless of whether they have symptoms or not. 


    The data represented in the tables above is reflective of current data at the time of posting (not cumulative). 

    Updated/Data Pulled: 12/03/2021

    Next Update/Data Pull: 12/10/2021

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  • Jefferson County Health Department Dashboard

    • To view the Jefferson County Health Department COVID-19 Dashboard, please click HERE.