Chemistry II

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  • How to Succeed in Chemistry II


    Stay Organized - A three ring binder will be a very helpful tool in this class. You will receive notes and exercises in many different forms (your text, online videos, lecture notes, in-class activities, etc.). A binder is a great way to keep these many different forms of learning collected and organized.


    Do your homework - Practice, Practice, Practice.


    Attend Enrichment - Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Proactive responses are better than last minute panic! Bring your questions and be prepared to listen to the questions of other students.


    Be a good class citizen - Smile at your classmates and introduce yourself to someone you might not know. Ask someone in the class how their day is going.


    Turn off and put away all electronic devices while in class – Chemistry can be challenging enough when you are focused.  Distractions via your phone will only make it more difficult.


    Form a study group - Working with a study group outside of class will help you learn the material deeply. Take advantage of your opportunity to both challenge and assist your peers by studying with them.