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    Community Member Comments from 2/8/2022 Middle School Tour

    "The middle school tour was very informative. I thought they may try and tell/show us why a new middle school was needed, and that definitely wasn't the case. They obviously went into reasons why they would like a new middle, and talked about how they are working with the city to plan for the city's expansion over the next 20-30 years and how they can fix some of the issues that are currently over by the high school (primarily traffic related). They also showed us how the classrooms are currently set up, and explained approximately how many students are in each room every single day. They did this to give us an understanding of how these classrooms were used 40-50 years ago, how they were used 15-20 years ago, and then transitioned into how most middle schools are being used today. They talked about wanting a space that can be flexible as far as education and community involvement goes considering that technology and teaching practices can rapidly change. The one thing that completely caught me off guard was the lack of public restrooms on the lower level where most people congregate. Unless you go to the athletic locker rooms, there is only 1 bathroom per gender on that floor, and they consist of maybe 2 toilets, and a couple of urinals for the men. Now if you compare that with the high school, you have at least 10 toilets per bathroom in the commons area, and a couple smaller bathrooms further down the other hallways. Towards the end of the tour, I specifically asked how much it would cost to renovate the current building to have it set up how they would like it. The construction contractors said that it would cost approximately 70% of what building a new middle school would cost, and it could possibly cost almost the same as building a new middle school depending on what issues they run across during the remodel." - Eric Stroup

    I appreciate the district conducting the middle school tour for the community to really get to know the building. I have been at the middle school many times, but never looked at it in terms of how the building has instructional limitations, learning environment challenges and safety concerns. It was an open forum that encouraged asking questions and dialogue. Great job to the district for creating opportunities for the community to get involved.”  -Robynn Selle.

    I hadn't been in that building for many, many years.  It was very helpful for me to see the building and to hear the reasons for the proposed referendum.  I would encourage community members to take a tour to gain a better understanding of the needs for the proposed changes.” -Luke Bocher



    Strategic Facilities Recommendation

    Since 2019 the School District of Fort Atkinson has been actively engaged in a strategic facilities study and community committee. To learn more about the process and the committee, please visit our Strategic Facilities Planning page on our website. Most recently, an update was given to the Board of Education on the recommendation from the Facilities Advisory Committee. In addition, the Board was given an update on Phase 1 of the recommendation which is currently being implemented without causing an increase to taxpayers by leveraging energy savings and the annual operating budget. 

    In addition to the facilities study, the sunset of $3 million from the 2020 operational referendum is quickly approaching in June of 2023. During this time, the district has made an effort to control property tax increases, reallocate existing funds, and improve programs and services. However, like most districts, the School District of Fort Atkinson will again need to turn to the voters as the 2020 referendum expires. 

    To view the Facilities Advisory Committee’s recommendation to the Board of Education, please watch this section of the Board Meeting from October.

    phasing the masterplan

    phase 2

    • Secure entrances in elementary buildings and FAHS
    • New Middle School
      • On the high school site
      • Raze existing, restore property & hold for future use
      • Potential community connections
      • Cost of maintenance versus replacement
      • Lifespan for necessary systems
      • Accessibility/equity of services
      • Evolution of programming/instructional model

    draft option

    Community Survey - November 2021

    Thank you to the 998 community members who participated in our November 2021 Community Survey! A summary of the results will be shared at the December 13th Board of Education meeting. Please find the presentation here.

    As a reminder, this community survey asked all voters to participate in the survey to evaluate the District’s needs, consider possible solutions and contribute feedback. The feedback will be used by the Fort Atkinson School Board in its planning efforts to further strengthen our District.



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