Referendum Information for the November 8, 2022 Election
  • The Needs:

    operational Operational - Funding needed to continue current programming and services due to the expiration of the 2020 referendum 

    capital Capital - Building secure entrances, addressing urgent maintenance needs at all six District schools, and improving traffic flow at the  high school site 


    The Solution: Operational Referendum

    The Solution: Capital Referendum

    One question with two parts:

    • Recurring
      • $3 million beginning in 2023
    • Non-recurring
      • $4 million non-recurring in 2023-24 and 2024-25
      • $5 million non-recurring in 2025-26

    $22 million in general obligation bonds to:

    • Build secure entries at all six schools
    • Address urgent maintenance needs at all six schools
    • Improve traffic flow at the high school


    The Operational Referendum offers a multi-layered solution. It provides funding needed for our district to maintain current programs and services while providing community input regarding future funding in four years.  

    The Capital Referendum supports the District's long-term strategic facilities plan. It provides funding needed to maintain Barrie, Luther, Purdy, Rockwell, & Fort Atkinson High School for 10 years, and Fort Atkinson Middle School for the next five years.  


    The Solutions = Stable Public School Tax Rate

    The Board of Education consistently considers the fiscal impact on taxpayers within the budget process. As a result, the referendum keeps the public school tax rate stable.*

    Public School Tax Rate

    *If a property value changes, property taxes will reflect that change

  • The Solution: Capital Referendum - Why Selected

  • The Solution: Operational Referendum - Why Selected



    What about ESSER Funding?

    ESSER is the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief - or federal COVID relief funding schools across the country received to help them manage operational and academic costs associated with the pandemic. It is important to note that these funds are one-time federal funds where the district gets reimbursed from the federal government after the money has been spent and the State of Wisconsin must approve all grant budgets and claims for funding.

    The School District of Fort Atkinson is committed to providing transparent information with stakeholders and has created an interactive ESSER Dashboard where users can dig deeper into how SDFA has utilized these one-time funds for the betterment of our students and their education.

    Please visit our ESSER Dashboard HERE for more information!

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