• Early Childhood is a program that supports children ages three to six years old who have been identified as having a disability and/or a delay in development. The child may demonstrate deficits in any of the following areas: early learning, speech and language, social/behavior, motor (fine or gross), or adaptive skills.

    The School District of Fort Atkinson is committed to providing special education early intervention services for children who are demonstrating a delay in development. Our program offers a variety of options to provide early intervention services through a team of highly qualified, licensed educators, speech therapists as well as physical and occupational therapists.

    Your child will have an IEP team, including you, that will determine the blend of services that best fit your child's needs. Early childhood teachers are licensed professionals that work with three- to six-year-old children with special education needs. An early childhood classroom consists of students who are all working toward a variety of developmental goals.

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