Superintendent's Corner


     Dr. Lynn Brown

    I feel so privileged to be your superintendent. On July 1, 2017, I was honored to join the School District of Fort Atkinson team. It is evident that the Fort Atkinson community cares deeply about the success of every child and I am excited to continue building on the extraordinary foundation of excellence in our school district and community.

    Parents are a child’s first teacher. You pour your lives into your children. Thousands of hours of blood, sweat, and tears have already been spent nurturing your children before the School District of Fort Atkinson partners with you to realize their hopes and dreams. You see, I’m also “Mom” to my four children and sending our youngest to UW-Madison.

    The staff gave me Fort gear with the slogan One Team -  I love it! The School District of Fort Atkinson team will continue to act with purpose and focus as One Team. My best work will center on galvanizing our team, committed to never being satisfied with today’s success but gearing up for the next day of the journey. A day equipped with greater capacity, a day filled with greater empathy, a day strengthened by the rewards of growth and success. We will celebrate success but are better each day because we are committed to improving, and getting stronger for our kids and the Fort Atkinson community. I am grateful to partner with you on this journey!

    With gratitude,

    Dr. Lynn Brown


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