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  • Welcome! My name is Leah McKelvey and I'm a Special Education teacher at Barrie Elementary School. I graduated with my undergrad in regular ed/english minor from UW-Whitewater. I then chose to stay home with my own kids for 5 years as I went back to school for Special Education at St. Mary's University. I have worked with children since I was a child and believe that it's my destiny. I'm married with my two kiddos, Bella and Liam. I have a cat and a dog as well. I enjoy biking, gardening and hanging out with my friends and family. Please feel free to stop in and say hello! 
    The best way to contact me quickly is via email.

    You can also contact me by phone 920-563-7817 ext-4165

    Please contact me with ANY questions or concerns! Looking forward to a great year!!