Computer Technology

Proceeds from the May 24 District Technology Committee Meeting

District Technology Meeting

Notes from Subgroup reported by Rick Brietzke



Preferences and Beliefs


Like full day inservices-teachers are more receptive as opposed to teaching a half day and then a PM inservice


Offer choices

  • introductory technology and application sessions
  • beginner and advanced
  • vendor fairs with state of the art applications
  • Plug in tutorials on the website
  • Provide inservice for aides and subs-half days during the year


Promote existing knowledge and technology

  • Survey staff on levels of expertise- ex who knows GPS applications
  • Determine where technology is located- ex who has USB Proscopes, IPads
  • Promote the idea of “technology coaches” at the building and/or district level
  • Use wikis, blogs, etc to share tech ideas, problem solving, applications, expertise, etc

Notes from subgroup reported by Emily Busch

The following were comments taken by my group during last night's technology meeting:
  • Suggestion of using Early Releases for Technology Teaching Times ~ beginners could work with "tech coach" and intermediate learners could work on technology lessons to be used immediately in the classroom
  • "Technology Tips" given at faculty meetings ~ share quick tips relating to technology resources teachers can use, lessons teachers have created, or student work using technology; ideas should come from everyone, not just the "tech savvy" staff members!
  • Teachers just need TIME to work with the technology software/programs/lesson planning we are encouraging them to use; the need and want time during the day to CREATE!
  • Time to share examples was suggested ~ share what is used in the classroom to make teaching better and what students are doing to show their learning; people enjoyed when the Grade Level teams did this at the beginning of the 2009-2010 school year
  • Negative versus Positive Environments ~ we need to be promoting that whatever type of technology being used with students is good....and be careful not to put down those who are nervous of it....great teaching can take place without technology!
  • We need to be careful of encouraging teachers to use technology hardware (ie Smartboards) when not all teachers or buildings have them....people throughout the district do not have the same access as others do!  We need to not make comments that "put down" those who are not using tools because they may not have the opportunity to do so!
  • Michelle and Carolyn shared their experience in going to Polaski School District where in grades 4 and 7, Ipod Touches and Netbooks are being used within the classrooms.  All students are given a Netbook or Touch to use and textbooks are being purchased through e-versions.  Students can then do their work directly on the Ipod Touch or Netbooks as well as have direct access to their textbooks or internet sites.  Michelle also stated that they are collecting data on the effectiveness of these in classrooms versus a more traditional setting.  For more specific information, contact either librarian.

Notes from subgroup reported by Tony Bolz
-Need to be sure our basic needs are met first
    *Teacher/students need to be confident technology will work every time
    *Technology needs to be quick...In the old days we said, "Open your books to page 14" and we were ready to go...needs to be that fast
-Do staff really know what technology can do and what we have to offer (not all technology is hardware..some are software programs)
-Offering a range of staff development opportunities will be critical...we have staff all over the board in regards to comfort level and knowledge
-On-going support will be important (train the trainer model has worked well in other areas)
-Giving staff time to implement right away is important (training in the AM with time to interact with the technology right away)

Mr. Ottow