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    Mission Statement

     The purpose of our physical education program is to provide quality elementary physical education to all students.  This is done through various cooperation, team and skill building activities which focus on overall physical wellness.  



    ...Introduction, Rules and Safety and PBIS

     Units-Soccer and Football

    -Use of equipment, following game and activity direction, learning to work with a partner

    At home, a parent should discuss safety rules about different activities before starting. An example of this would be riding a bicycle. Talk about using a helmet at all times and obeying all traffic rules such as stop signs, crosswalks, etc... When working on following directions at home, a good way of working on this is playing various board games. Can your child follow the rules of the game?? If they're having difficulty with that, choose an easier game. Not only will they be working on following directions, they will be more positive interaction with yourself. Its a great way to get to know your child!! Finally, turn taking can be a difficult concept for children, especially younger ones. Board games can help in this area also.


    Purdy Physical Education Goals:

    Students will learn:

    • locomotor skills: walking, jumping, leaping, hopping, galloping, sliding, and running
    • Adventure Education: Rock Climbing, Zip Line, cooperative activities  
    • Jumping and Landing : short rope and long rope
    • Nonlocomotor: sideways, rocking, forward, and backward
    • Chasing, fleeing, dodging-chasing, faking
    • Dribbling with hands-dribbling, passing, shooting
    • Kicking and punting-instep kick, dribbling punting and trapping
    • Throwing and catching-underhand, overhead, sidearm (frisbee) catching
    • Volleying- underhand, overhead, forearm (bump) pass
    • To develop social skills through physical education interaction
    • Spacial awareness -personal space, general space
    • Body awareness- body parts, body shapes, and body movements
    • Dance forms
    • Tumbling
    • To Have Fun!

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