Mr. Hall
  • Room G234


    Phone:  (920) 563-7811, x2015

Class Schedule

  • A Day B Day
     Essay Writing AP English Literature and Composition
    Accelerated English 11 English 9
    Enrichment Time Enrichment Time
    Accelerated English 11 Accelerated English 9
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  • 32 years of teaching experience

    27 years of FASD teaching experience

    Undergraduate Degree:  University of Minnesota-Duluth

    Master's Degree:  University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

    2017-18 Teaching Assignments:

       Essay Writing

       AP English Literature and Composition

       Accelerated English 11

       Accelerated English 9

       English 9


    2017-18 Coaching Assignments:

       Varsity Football Assistant Coach

       Freshman Girls Basketball Coach

       Varsity Softball Assistant Coach