• I am a professional artist and have been teaching since 1996. I am a Wisconsin based artist and focus on abstractions, portraits, and plein air works. As an artist, I am inspired by the structure of the elements and principles of art and how they interact in my surroundings and compositions. I am a member of the Wisconsin Art Education Association (WAEA) and am the Vice President of Southeastern WI as well as the Chair of WAEA Youth Art Month. I am an avid runner and have run many a marathon and am always looking for a reason to go for a run.

    My art exhibitions have included galleries and art spaces in southeastern WI as well as exhibitions throughout the state. They have included group exhibitions, solo exhibitions, art happenings, fundraisers, and lectures. My works are held in numerous public and private collections nationally and internationally and you can view my works online at www.FrankKorb.com.

    Reach me at