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    Time to move 1Fort Forward! At the February Board of Education Meeting, Dr. Abbott shared the new strategic planning process and timeline. Like past strategic plans, it is crucial to have all stakeholders involved in the process. 



    Thank you to over 600 stakeholders who offered feedback to help inform our new Guiding Principles and District Beliefs. These new Principles and Beliefs were shared at the February Board of Education meeting.

    View our Guiding Principles Here.

    View our District Beliefs Here.


    Reflect & Reimagine

    Thank you to the hundreds of stakeholders who helped inform our new vision and mission for the School District of Fort Atkinson. As shared at the Board of Education meeting on Thursday, June 17th, the vision is our 'some day' and the mission is what we are doing 'every day' to work towards achieving that vision.

    From surveys to Jamboards, to in-person interviews, our vision and mission authentically came together from the voices of our stakeholders.

    Take a look at some of the video interviews below.




    Leading into the 'Define' step in the strategic planning process, three goals rose to the top.


    View the full layout of our strategic plan here. 
    Our next step is to 'Design' the action plans and yearly benchmarks (strategies and tactics) to measure our progress in achieving those goals and working towards our vision of achieving distinction in all we do. Stay tuned!