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  • Room:  B209


    Phone:  (920) 563-7811, x2044

Class Schedule

  • A Day B Day
     Office Hours -- By Appointment (B209)  English 11 with Mrs. Kline (G236)
     English 10 with Mrs. Kline (G236)  Office Hours -- By Appointment (B209)
    English 10 with Mrs. Kline (G236)  Reading Strategies (B211)
    Enrichment -- By Appointment (B209) Enrichment -- By Appointment (B209)
    English 11 with Mrs. Kline (G236) English 11 with Mrs. Kline (G236)
Mr. Gabe Wollenburg



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Mr. Gabe Wollenburg

Mr. Gabe is your new favorite teacher.