• See through a different lens

    While 'big ideas' are important, the vast majority of innovations are incremental improvements, arising from creativity embedded in ongoing work. 

    Innovation is not a new idea in the School District of Fort Atkinson. We don't need to search for innovation, we can see it in each one of our school buildings and departments each and every day.  Seeing innovation is simply seeing everyday activities or objects through a different lens.  

    Recognizing, valuing, and celebrating the innovative efforts throughout our school district helps us understand how to continue growing a systemic culture of innovation within our learning community.

    Our District Strategic Plan strives to empower our entire learning community to think innovatively and offer an avenue to turn ideas into reality.

    Innovation is a frame of mind, our job is to open the doors of possibility.



    Do you know where innovation is happening?

    Innovation truly is all around us throughout the School District of Fort Atkinson, but sometimes we don’t even know it!

    Share the innovation around you so others can learn from the great teaching and learning happening around us.


    Do you see a door, OR a giant protractor?

    Do you have an innovative idea you'd like to share?

    Think big. Think small. Think in-between. Just think!

    Share your innovative ideas for the School District of Fort Atkinson and we will do our best to route it to the right place for consideration.

    While there are no promises, there is no hope of an innovative idea to become a reality if you don’t share it!

    See through a different lens...

    Email innovation@fortschools.org and share what's on your mind!

  • Robotics

    Hydraulic Robotics

    We try to employ one project each quarter that uses physics concepts from class to solve an engineering problem. In doing so, the students learn to use the engineering design process, which we do instinctively when solving problems on our own. Learn More



    Music students at the Fort Atkinson Middle School and High School are using MusicFirst, an intuitive software that allows students to instantly get feedback about their playing. After teachers upload a short segment of music, students use their smartphone or a computer to record themselves playing the excerpt. Learn More

    Student Nutrition

    Student Nutrition

    Every year, our department purchases locally-grown fruits and vegetables. We continue these efforts through Winter by procuring locally and regionally sourced food through our food purveyors. Year round, we are able to purchase state-grown apples, potatoes, and mushrooms. Learn More

  • Luther Lab

    STEAM Lab

    The Innovation Lab helps inspire students to learn through doing; to uncover talents, interests, and passions by making, solving, collaborating, thinking, creating, failing and trying again. Learn More

    3D Printer

    3D Design

    The Fort Atkinson Middle School library purchased a 3D printer this year and has begun partnering with teachers to bring design skills into the classroom. 6th-grade science classes were starting their Models and Design unit, so Mrs. Folk and Mrs. Agnew decided to create an assignment that would allow students to create something that could potentially be 3D printed.  Learn More

    Art Show

    Found Object Fashion Show

    The Found Object Fashion Show is an experience in innovation and problem-solving. Students work in pairs to design, construct and wear an ensemble built out of non-traditional materials. Learn More