• COVID-19 & Communicable Disease Protocols 

    Updated 09/07/2021

    Please view the District's COVID-19 Response Plan Protocols here. These protocols will be updated as needed throughout the upcoming school year. 

    It is important that all of our #1Fort community works together to keep our students in our buildings. The most important role you can play in helping this happen is keeping your students home when they have symptoms of illness. 

    As a reminder, there are many resources and supports available for our students and families. Examples such as the Safety Resource and Emotional Health Support pages on our district website, and the Speak Up Speak Out State resource.

    With the launch of our new 1Fort Strategic Plan, we look forward to working with our students and staff to grow in new ways in teaching and learning over the 2021-22 school year. 


    Mitigation strategies that are related to the transmission of communicable diseases that are reinforced and highly encouraged at the School District of Fort Atkinson due to being best practice include:

    • Stay home with any sickness or symptoms
    • Consider wearing a face covering  to avoid communicable diseases
    • Symptom tracking 
    • Increased hand washing/ hand sanitizing
    • Enhanced cleaning
    • Improved ventilation 
    • Spatial awareness / physical spacing 
    • Parent communication / education
    • Student / community visual reminders

    District Transportation

    Face coverings will be required on all bus and district vehicles due to CDC Order. Disposable masks will be available on busses for students who may need one. 


    WIAA Agreement

    In the spirit of sportsmanship, we must all be mindful that each school district has adopted COVID-19 safety protocols based upon their local health department’s guidance and local school board's decision-making. All Badger Conference school districts have agreed that for athletic events, there will be a requirement that the COVID-19 safety protocols of the host team will be fully followed by all visiting teams, athletes, coaches, and spectators.


    Communication of Positive Cases

    We will follow our communicable disease protocol. Similar to when families are notified when there are cases of lice, influenza, hand, foot, and mouth, families will receive a letter from the school nurse/office of pupil services with symptoms to look for, and next steps.


    Contact Tracing

    This will be handled at the Jefferson County Health Department. To report a positive COVID-19 case, please contact the Jefferson County Health Department at 920-674-7275.



  • Jefferson County Health Department Dashboard

    • To view the Jefferson County Health Department COVID-19 Dashboard, please click HERE.


  • Frequently Asked Questions - General

    To help families navigate possible scenarios that may arise this school year, the District has created this COVID-19 Response Plan Protocols document. Within this, you will find details on the communication of illness, positive case guidelines, close contact guidelines, and student scenarios with guidance on notification and returning to school.

    Please note that given the complexities this pandemic has presented, we may not have all of the answers to your questions at this time. We continue to work on developing solutions given the most up-to-date information.  If you are not finding the answers you are looking for, please email us at info@fortschools.org