453.31 - Control and Treatment of Head Lice/Nits

  •  BOARD POLICY 453.31

    453.31 – Control and Treatment of Head Lice/Nits


    Head lice are parasites that are considered a nuisance disease. Nits are the egg, a young form of a louse or empty shell. From timetotime. a student in the school population may be impacted by a nuisance disease. School District personnel will use appropriate measures to reduce student exposure to nuisance diseases.


    Legal Ref.:   Section 118.125 118.16 121.02 (1)(i), Wisconsin Statutes



    Cross Ref.:   Administrative Rule 453.31 – Control and Treatment of Head Lice/Nits

    Board Policy 453.3 – Communicable Diseases

    Administrative Rule 453.3 – Communicable Diseases

    Board Policy 347 – Student Records

    Administrative Rule 347 - Student Records


    Approved:    May 19, 2016



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