AR453.31 - Control and Treatment of Head Lice/Nits


    AR453.31 – Control and Treatment of Head Lice/Nits




    1.    If suspected of having head lice and/or nits, the student shall be removed from the classroom or District activities as unobtrusively as possible for private confirmation.

    2.    A student may be suspected of having head lice if the following are noted:

    a.    The student complains of an “itchy scalp” or is observed repeatedly scratching his/her scalp.

    b.    The student has nits and/or live lice visible.

    c.     The student has a known household or personal contact identified as having live lice or nits.

    3.    The student will be evaluated privately by the School Nurse, Health Assistant, or by other trained building personnel designated by the Principal and Parent(s)/Guardian(s) will be notified.




    1.    The parent(s)/guardian(s) or the designated emergency contact person will be notified. The student shall be allowed to return to the classroom for the remainder of the day.

    2.    While there is no medical reason to remove a child from school due to nits, the student’s parent or guardian may choose to take the student home before the end of the school day.




    1.    The parent(s)/guardian(s) or the designated emergency contact person will be notified and the student will be sent home for the remainder of the day.      

    2.    The student shall be readmitted when the school receives documentation of treatment for head lice. This may include, but is not limited to, a note from the parent/guardian stating the treatment used, or a treatment product bottle, box top, label, receipt, etc. The student will be evaluated privately by the School Nurse, Health Assistant, or Principal’s designee, as soon as practicable, upon return to school.

    3.    Upon return, if there are live lice detected the parent(s)/guardian(s) will be notified and the student will be sent home from school. The student may not return to school until there are no live lice detected and proof of treatment is provided.

    4.    Upon return, if live lice are not detected and there is no proof of treatment provided, the parent(s)/guardian(s) will be contacted and the student may be sent home from school.                    

    5.    A student should not miss more than one day of school following each head lice detection. Truancy laws will apply to students missing excessive amounts of school due to untreated or ineffectively treated head lice infestations.          

    6.    Parent/guardian conferences with school personnel may occur when appropriate if a student is frequently absent due to head lice infestations. Referrals to relevant community agencies will be made when appropriate.




    All information shall remain confidential.                                     




    Parent(s)/guardian(s) are requested to report to the school cases of head lice infestation that they discover at home. The School Nurse, Principal or designee, or Health Assistant will determine what interventions are appropriate in the school setting based on the parent/guardian report.





    1.    The school may inspect other known household contacts and close personal contacts attending school in an effort to stem outbreaks in other classes.

    2.    The School Nurse shall monitor environmental conditions and be responsible for making recommendations to building Principal to decrease transmission of head lice.  

    3.     The building Principal will be responsible for implementation of nursing recommendations.    




    1.    Parent(s)/guardian(s) of students shall receive head lice information annuallyAn individual school may elect to distribute additional information under the direction of the building Principal.

    2.    Head lice information shall be available upon request from the School Nurse or Director of Pupil Services Office.

    3.    While no school can be entirely risk free from head lice, it is felt that efforts directed toward awareness and prevention will result in fewer infestations and be cost and time effective.                                        



    Legal Ref.:     Section 118.125 118.16 121.02 (1)(i), Wisconsin Statutes


    Cross Ref.:    Board Policy 453.31 – Control and Treatment of Head Lice/Nits

                                              Board Policy 453.3 – Communicable Diseases

                                              Administrative Rule 453.3 – Communicable Diseases

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                                              Administrative Rule 347 - Student Records



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