Mrs. Knutson
  • Jamie Knutson

    Administrative Assistant to the Principal/Bookkeeper 

    (920) 563-7811, x1101

Mrs. Cottrell
  • Miranda Cottrell

    Adminstrative Assistant to the Athletic Director

    (920) 563-7811, x1100

  • Fees

    Fees can be paid in the main office.  See Mrs. Knutson or Mrs.Cottrell, main office administrative assistants.

    1. A registration fee of $50.00 per student is assessed for the school year. Fifty percent of the fee will be refunded if a student withdraws during the first semester. No refunds are given for second semester withdrawals.
    2. An athletic participation fee is charged to each athlete at the following rates:
      • 1st Sport, $50.00
      • 2nd Sport $40.00
      • 3rd Sport $30.00
    3. Request for transcripts should be directed to the Guidance Office. The first transcript is free. All additional transcripts carry a fee of $1.00 each.
    4. Various individual classes may require the purchase of special materials.  These fees will be handled through the classroom teacher or individually as directed by the teacher.

    These fees may be subject to change pending action by the Board of Education


    Students will be assessed fines for damaged or lost books and other materials. Teachers and the library shall determine the amount for damaged items. Students will be assessed the replacement cost of lost books and materials.

    All students are responsible for the text or other items they are issued and a record shall be kept of the number of the item. When these materials are turned in, the student must account for his/her own materials. Turning in a different numbered textbook, for instance, will not absolve that student from responsibility for the one he/she was issued. Unpaid fines and other fees shall be carried on a student’s record from year to year. In order for a Senior to obtain clearance and qualify for participation in the commencement ceremony, all fines and fees must be paid.