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FAHS Recognized as a Level 3 AP Pacesetter School



For the third year in a row, Fort Atkinson High School has been recognized as a Level 3 Advanced Placement Pacesetter School for the 2018-2019 school year by the Wisconsin Advanced Placement Advisory Council (WAPAC).  WAPAC is comprised of Wisconsin secondary and collegiate educators that are dedicated to expanding access to Advanced Placement (AP) coursework and rigorous learning for all students.

The Pacesetter Awards are unique to Wisconsin. The data for the WAPAC award is readily available, transparent, and allows WAPAC to recognize schools for promoting access first, and excellence second, in AP courses.  The WAPAC award model recognizes both large and small school districts.  

To be recognized as a Pacesetter Level 3 School, more than 10% of students at the school must take AP exams and more than 60% of those test-takers must receive a score of 3 or higher (students must receive a 3 or above to receive Advanced Placement credit).

By taking AP courses, students are preparing for the rigors of higher education and they get to learn about subjects they are interested in to determine if they want to study them further. There is also a financial advantage to earning AP credits while in high school which helps students and families lessen the costs of higher education.