PowerSchool How to

Are you missing an assignment in Mr. Schwedrsky's class? 

If so, here's what you should do...

First, to find out if you're missing any assignments, log into PowerSchool.  You will see all of your classes listed.  To see the assignment in each class, click on the number grade S1 first semester, or S2 second semester.

class list

What you will see next is a list of all the assignments for the semester.  To know what an assignment is, click on the word view at the far right.  


Once you do that, you'll see this screen:


Here you will find an explanation of the assignment, or a link to the class webpage where the assignment is.  If it is a worksheet and you don't have a printer, never fear, you can answer the questions on any piece of blank paper, or do it in a google document to share with me.