Chromecare Opt-In Letter

Dear Parents/Guardians,


For the 2020-21 school year families have an opportunity to participate in an optional, but recommended technology program for Chromebooks issued to students.  This program called Chromecare is open to all students and families who have received or are receiving a district-issued Chromebook for use at school.  The program fee is $20 per student/device.  The School District of Fort Atkinson is not profiting from this offering.


Chromecare covers the following for a student’s district-issued Chromebook:


  • Damage caused by accidental drops/spills
  • Accidental water damage
  • Manufacturer defects/hardware failure


There are no deductible costs for families associated with qualified repairs.  Families are entitled to a total of three (3) accidental damage claims per school year for each device. Manufacturer defects and hardware failures are covered by the district.


If payment is received on or before the day your child picks up their Chromebook or prior to the first day of school, then coverage will be in immediate effect.


If payment is received after the day your child picks up their Chromebook or after the first day of school then there will be a 21 day wait period before claims are honored. The device will be inspected by a staff member before coverage begins to confirm the device is functional.


The program does NOT cover the following.


  • Lost or stolen Chromebooks or components (i.e. AC adapter, case, etc).
  • Cosmetic scratches and dents that do NOT affect the functionality of the device.
  • Damage caused intentionally or through extreme neglect.
  • Any device that indicates an attempt to remove, or removal of, the tamper proof stickers.
  • Any device that was not issued to the student.


When a district-issued Chromebook needs repair, your student can bring the device into their school’s library. The student will be issued a temporary loaner device if one is available. Once the repair is complete your student will be contacted to return the loaner device and receive their original device back.  


For students/families that do NOT participate in this program, in the event of accidental damage, Chromebook repair costs will be added to the student account and families will be notified.  Families that do NOT participate in the program that has a damaged Chromebook will NOT be able to participate in the insurance program until the damaged Chromebook is repaired.  For reference, the most common damage to a device that needs repair is the screen.  Repair costs for a screen replacement (when not covered by insurance) average $40.  Other, less common repairs range from $100 to full device replacement at $160.


Determination of whether damage is considered “intentional” or due to “extreme neglect” will be made by a full-time staff member of the District Technology Department.  Any reasonable accidental damage defined above will be covered but if the rare instance arises that coverage is denied, relevant documentation and justification will be provided to the student and family and the fee for repair or replacement will be added to the student account.


Payment Information


  1. You can pay via cash or check at device checkout

  2. You can mail a payment via check to:

    SDFA Chromecare Fee
    201 Park Street
    Fort Atkinson, WI 53538

    If mailing a check please include a note detailing the student(s) name, school, and that the check is for participation in the Chromecare program.

  3. Pay Online -


Any questions about the Chromecare program can be directed, via email or phone, to: | (920) 563-7811 x8830

Warmest Regards,

The District Technology Department