Upchuck and the Rotten Willy

by Bill Wallace Year Published: Average
Life is great for Chuck until his best cat friend, Louie, gets hit by a car, then Tom, his other cat friend moves, then finally his owner Katie goes to college. Chuck is a very lonely cat that only wants a friend. One night he is up in a tree with two pretty nasty poodles waiting for him at the bottom. If he climbs down he will be lunch. Those poodles won’t move until he comes down, so Chuck is stranded there for many nights with no food or water. He decides to take a chance by balancing on a fence with two other dogs on either side of him. He is almost across when suddenly; he falls into the yard of a humungous beast. He knew it will be the end of his life when the big beast puts him in his mouth, but when he opens his eyes he isn’t in cat heaven, he is in a water bowl! This can't be so! “Dogs don’t rescue cats!” Chuck thinks, “They can’t be friends!” …or can they?U

Note: This book is available in our Library.